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Getting Started

Initial Consultation

 Free, no-obligation consultation with Rev. Tam before you sign a contract.  Consultations are conducted via video or phone and in person. I will hold your wedding date for 7 days so you have time to consider your options.

Planning and Editing

Once you’ve signed your contract and paid a $150 deposit. Rev. Tam will set up a meeting with you to ask questions about what you feel is important to include in your ceremony and help you create your ceremony to make sure it reflects your beliefs, personalities and style.

Rev. Tam will send you samples of ceremonies, vows, prayers, blessings etc. and email them to you for your review. You can revise your ceremony as much as you’d like. Send Rev. Tam a draft and ask for edits and she will return it to you for final approval. If you need additional suggestions or guidance, Rev. Tam is happy to assist until it is the exact wedding ceremony you desire.

Practice and Practice Again...

The rehearsal is a short run down of the headings of the ceremony and making sure everyone knows their specific jobs. Choose the loudest and most assertive person in your group to keep rehearsal running on time and efficiently. 

The Big Day

The Ceremony! – Rev. Tam  will arrive at your wedding early and will perform the exact ceremony discussed, helping create a wonderful experience.


“Tom and I want to thank you again! You did an amazing and beautiful ceremony. Tom and I are blessed that you were part of our special day!”

Carissa Medina